i don't know what i am doing
Projekt jest współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej (tak serio to nie)


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lovelive weeb

20 years old
Lower Silesia, Poland

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General Computers, eating ass and ranting about polish politics
Music any weeb shit tbh
Games Cities: Skylines, LoveLive! SIF(not active tho), Minecraft

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Weight too much
Height 175 cm
Orientation Aromantic
Ethinicity White
Personality ISTJ/ISTP
Alignment No one knows
Member since 25 October 2020

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About me:

Henlo, I am Jeder, I am autistic(HFA) and I suck at doing exactly everything. I am 20 and boring. Oh and also I work as a software tester.

My interests include those stinky overrated counting machines and also anime franchises like Love Live! or Gochiusa.

I play vidya, but it's usually just like 1000th hour of Cities Skylines or some obscure train simulator, I fucking hate competitive games